Meaning of Ame

  • A word which describes loves & purity across multiple language. 
  • The true essence of soul represents our inner beauty which is eternally beautiful & lovable that can not be stained by stress, time and aging.
  • The nectar of life, which helps us connect with ourselves and unleash our true radiance.
  • In alignment with nature, pure, time tested ingredients celebrated across culture through multiple centuries.
  • Crafted with pure love, and energized with loving & healing energies of gratitude.

Origin Story

Everything that you dream of with open eyes is a sign from the universe that you have been chosen to turn this seed into a plant. You are meant to nurture it, water it and prepare the soil for it.

The story begins when a young girl of around 14 visits Badrinath. She was there to be a part of Morning Abhisheka. The  magical experience soaked her in aromatic sandal paste, and huge garlands of Himalayan basils, whose strong, calming, & soothing essences and aromas  entered her body, touched her soul and imprinted her mind forever. 

Her quest to know and learn about these herbs and their healing effects on body and beauty began that day. 

She has always believed that outer beauty is a reflection of internal well-being. 

The universe took 30 long years to teach her, train her and prepare her to bottle this belief in the form of  ‘the nectar of life’. Universal energies conspired and whispered into her ears ‘Amé’. 

Amé is not just a product made using the essence from purest ingredients from nature, but a gift from the universe, crafted with pure love and nurtured with healing energies of love, gratitude and joy. A recipe which not only preserve the youth but also pampers your mind by nurturing and healing the brain. 

Welcome to the world of Amé !!!

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