Cold Pressed Blackseed Oil


Blackseed oil is rich in thymoquinone helps in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. It also helps to treat psoriasis, moisturizes the skin and also reduces the dandruff and hydrates hair.

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Skin Healing serum

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  • Total volume – 30 ml
  • Brand – Ame
  • Shelf life – 2 years
  • Ingredient – Black seeds (Nigella Sativa)
  • Storage – Room temperature protect from heat and light.
  • Special feature – 100% Natural products. No additives or preservatives. Cold pressed oil.
  • Manufacturer – India.


✅ Helps in treating of eczema, acne, or psoriasis on the skin.

✅ Hydrates skin and keeps skin moisturized.

✅ Has Vitamin E and that is helpful for treating yellow nail syndrome on applying on the nails.

✅ Few drops of oil can be added to the daily based moisturizers to give skin extra protection.

✅ Treats sunburn.


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Cold Pressed Blackseed Oil

How To Apply

    • Play on the morning ritual recording.(Scan QR Code)
    • Wash your hand and face (It’s advisable to always use mild/soap free cleanser). Splash lots of water on your face and pat dry the excess water. 
    • Take a deep relaxing breath. Look into mirror and give yourself a smile.
    • Take 3-5 drops and apply, massage in gentle circulatory movements.
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