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Each And Every Bottle Is Charged Energetically With Healing Sounds And Rituals.
Ame organic 100% natural skincare line

100% Natural

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Skin Healing serum

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Ame organic sustainability beauty brand


All skin related problems are a result of disharmony & malfunctioning of skin glands resulting in a non-optimum skin oil production and a week skin barrier layers.

Amé works on restoring it to perfect harmony holistically. It brings your skin to a blissful state of health and happiness.

Its carefully chosen (rather blissfully gifted) ingredients work on multiple layers of skin functioning by stimulating right kind of neuropeptides (Emotional stimulating Skin chemicals) and calming and relaxing inflamed skin glands. It provides additional nutritions and support required for healing and cell regeneration which results in perfect glowing free from issues normal skin.

Welcome to the world of Amé, Try It, Feel it, and Heal with it..

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“A serum is simply the vehicle in which active ingredients in a product are delivered to the skin,” explains board certified dermatologist Adeline Kikam, DO, MS, FAAD. It’s an opportunity to incorporate more active ingredients in your regimen for a balanced skin care routine
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Cold Pressed Oils

Cold pressed oils are better because they retain the natural and nutritional components of the product and the potency of their ingredients. They are rich in vitamins A and E, which have many skin benefits like removing fine lines, and wrinkles and brightening the skin.
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Dive in for sea of knowledge on holistic skincare, debunking skin related myths, skin tips, skincare routines for younger looking skin and much more. So lets start your journey towards healthy glow-up  taking proper care of the skin the natural way.

Stop suppressing the symptoms, Heal the root cause.

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