Ame’s products are an amalgamation of time tested wisdom which has been close to heart of different cultures across multiple civilizations.
Each And Every Bottle Is Charged Energetically With Healing Sounds And Rituals.

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Preserve your radiance by resetting the way you Age…
Unveil secrets of timeless beauty with these calming yet stimulating marvels of 100% natural skin care rituals. These are not just like any product but rituals which incorporates age reversal meditations and protocols.

Amé is not a magic but pure science
  • All skin related problems are a result of disharmony & malfunctioning of skin glands resulting in a non-optimum skin oil production and a week skin barrier layers.
  • Amé works on restoring it to perfect harmony holistically.
  • It brings your skin to a blissful state of health and happiness.
  • Its carefully chosen (rather blissfully gifted) ingredients work on multiple layers of skin functioning by stimulating right kind of neuropeptides (Emotional stimulating Skin chemicals) and calming and relaxing inflamed skin glands.
  • It provides additional nutritions and support required for healing and cell regeneration which results in perfect glowing free from issues normal skin.
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We are a 'Made in India' brand where every Ame product is crafted with love and care.

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We deliver Ame product to your doorstep in 3-4 business days free of cost all over India.

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At Ame, we produce effective, safe, high-quality, and reputable products. .

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We demonstrate our sustainable credentials through our environment-friendly packaging.

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